Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 42

IMS system:

Remains long in QQQQ. The indicators of the program are moving to the sell zone but not quite there yet. More up ahead ?.

Profunds system V.2:

I have incorporated another filter to (hopefully) measure the strength of a trend. To keep records as clear as possible I will indicate the best signals (V.1) and then the final result after filtering (V.2)

The best current trends are: BKPIX,BIPIX,LVPIX, REPIX and SLPIX. But after filtering, the last two are the result signals. Despite all the taking about the real state bubble, we will take REPIX as our next trade to be execute eod.

From now on I will indicate in parenthesis some side results that could be interesting.
(from V2. it seems that BMPIX and Sopix are bottoming, while SMPIX, TEPIX are in a topping process)

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