Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Updated signals

IMS system:

No so updated !!. I skipped to update the system and I found today that we got a long signal yesterday to be executed as usual eod. To keep consistency with the reporting system of the program, that date will be kept in the records, in reality I will be executing the signal today eod. BTW I will do it using Tepix as vehicle not QQQQ. That means that last signal was a looser (-4.6%), the second this year.

I will be working trying to integrate the IMS system with my trend program, see below, that has been long in QQQQ since Aug 16. However look how the trend strength is close to maximum levels, maybe further up move is limited. The aim is to validate the IMS system with the trend in this program, "eye balling" suggest it is a good idea but only back testing will give us a prove.

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