Monday, December 11, 2006

Week 50

IMS system (v.2):

Remains short QQQQ

Profunds System:

None of the funds passed filters although the most promising trends are: ujpix,repix,lvpix and cnpix.

As our positions in bmpix,enpix and uupix are still strong we keep them, but closely watched to react any time this week.

Industry leader:

5 years treasury notes.


T. said...

Hi there JIL!
When you say a fund dosn't pass your "filters" what criteria do you use for filters?

JIL said...

Besides the trend strength I want to see its consistency, is is sustainable?. Other filter is the swing high.

Zla said...

Hi Jil

where did you get the data to come up with the profund systems?


JIL said...

Hi zla,

sorry but not sure I understand your question. The price data of the funds, I got from Yahoo if that is what you mean...

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