Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week 11

IMS system:

I thought it was a good idea to post the signals in an independent site which tracks them in a verifiable manner, so I moved the signals to Collective 2:
" We are not affiliated with the trading system developer. We merely verify the results of a trading system, by measuring a system's advice versus real-time market prices". You can have a look at : www.collective2.com/go/ims

The results of the last version since Feb, more trades, are:

However they only track for free the first few trades and that is why the last signal, long, that reversed the short at 42.92 it is not there and that means I will have to come back to this blog at least you know a free tracking site ??.

Profunds system:

Our conservative filters block trend signals for this week, so we stay in the sidelines, although I can tell the best trends are: wcpix, utpix, smpix and unpix.

The performance of last week signal was:

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Industry leader:
OSX, Oil services.


Anonymous said...


Not as good, but you could track your trades at iHub, since you only have 15 min to edit them, and 2 days to remove them. (And people will be all over you if you try that anyway.)

JIL said...

That is true, but what I am looking for is an automatic way of tracking profit/loss of the system.

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