Sunday, May 06, 2007

Signal executions and S/R projections

Notice that QQQQ P&L has not been updated, here it is:

March 20 short @ 43.26, closed Apr 2 nd= 0.94% loss.
Apr 2nd long @43.67, closed Apr 11= 2.22% profit.
Apr 11 short @44.64, closed Apr 17=1.13% loss.
since Apr 17 long @ 45.15

Closed bmpix May 3rd @54.24, 4.3 % profit. Current position with profunds=Lvpix.

As indicated in the previous post, below is a S/R projection for the Q. They allow me to close positions even if I don´t get a reverse signal from the system. I use those projections mostly with the Profunds system, that is why when an opened positions is not the best trend any longer still may remains open in my portfolio. This method allows to held positions longer and eventually extend profits.

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