Sunday, June 17, 2007

Catch up - Week 25

First I´m sorry, very busy over here, actually I will not be able to run the programs on Tuesday as I'll be out of town and planning holidays for the next couple of weeks, so let me tell you what´s going on...

IMS system:

The system got a long signal on 8 th June, now the thing is I got a new version, V2.2. As you know nothing has been broken but I´m continually looking for more trades up to my ideal target which is 1 trade per week. Whether you believe the markets are manipulated or not, I believe you can find the clues of market movements.... Both the V2.1 and 2.2 had this long signal same day , sorry again I don´t trust anybody who post things after the fact, but in order to keep consistency with the programs records don´t have any choice. This version is showing a profit of 29% and this is how it looks... I´ll be posting signals of the new version but keeping in the background the old one.

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Profunds system:

Well, this rotation model continue to live up to its expectations, here the results until Friday

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I lost patience with Lvpix and closed it last Friday, profit 2.5%

Best trends are Enpix, Bmpix, Uupix

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