Friday, November 02, 2007

IMS system = NQ system

Below you will see the results (3 last real, the rest back tested) of the current version of the system, V 3.0

As I have indicated, I've been focusing in increasing the numbers of trades balanced with the trade fees. The model considers an initial investment enough to buy 100 shares of QQQQ, from them, it reinvests all the proceeds in the next trade. Commission is fixed in $ 9.99 per trade.

The theoretical result YTD is 52.7%. If you follow all the post of the living trades we have posted, you will notice that we've had 4 versions this year (really minor tweaks) and the real result YTD is a mixture of using Profunds (Tepix) and options, around 39%. For this latest version we will be leaving as vehicle only QQQQ shares.

As you know we began this blog more that a year ago, at that moment the system was a trend follower. Looking for reducing draw downs and more trades per month (ideally 4). Slowly the system has been moving to my surprise, into a reversal system and nowadays it does not have any trend following component !.

Due to that fundamental change in the concept of the system and that I am now finishing another model to track other markets (non Nasdaq) based on the same concept, I think the most appropriate is to change the name from now on to NQ system.

So, this is the last picture of the IMS system V3, welcome NQ systemV3:

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