Monday, February 19, 2007

Week 8

Signals execution:

As indicated on 5 th Feb, opened Repix at 63.74. Current positions: Repix, Uupix and Bmpix.

Also on 5th Feb, long signal to be executed at the opening (The last version works better at the opening instead of eod as already indicated) 44.14. This signal was reversed on 9 th Feb, also indicated, at 44.57. (profit 0.97%). On Feb 14 was reversed to long at 44.63 (loss 0.13%). This is the current status of the signal.

Currently I am back testing a potential improvements to the IMS System. I will not be posting more signals until I finish the evaluation.

Profunds System:

Best trends are Bmpix, Mlpix, Tcpix, Uupix, Unpix and Utpix.

This system continues to perform very well. As explained, I run the programs weekly but as soon as one of my open positions is showing a profit above 10 % I monitor it daily, with other programs, to close the position if any weakness is observed (the fear factor).

I think is interesting to report what was the weekly P&L of the previous winners, so here it is:

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Industry Leader:

DJT, Transports

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