Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week 6

IMS system:

The intermediate term program, Ver 2, gave a long signal to be executed at the open of Monday while the short term program and newest version, Ver 2.1, remains long in QQQQ. I will be posting the execution of the last signal and from now on will be working here only with the newest version.

Profunds system:

Due to the inconsistency of signals between one fund and its inverse we can not apply the system as we desired. As an example, the short signal we found for Udpix was not matched for a long signal in its inverse fund, the same happened with Enpix and Uupix. In such cases maybe the best option is going to cash but that invalidates the profits projection which justify the Profunds pairs as system. We will continue looking into that, but we will drop it from the blog and bring back the previous Profunds system, although it is more time consuming it has proven be a profitable one.

The "old" Profunds system repeats its long signal for: Repix, Bmpix, Cnpix and Tcpix. The mid cap funds had the good week we anticipated and it seems it will continue.
Based on Monday action we will be opening positions with Repix or Cnpix.

We will keep open eyes with Uupix and the 35 price level.

Special attention to Pmpix which needs to show follow trough above 39´s and has a weak trend signal.
Industry leader:
Transport Nasdaq, IXTR.

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