Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week 5

IMS system(s):

Ver 1: intermediate time frame, is still short in QQQQ.
The new ver 2, which aims to capture more swings, is long since last week, Jan 23 (at 43.64). Probably the best idea is not to post this signal until we have more live results.
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Profunds Pairs:

The signal situation for next week is:

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As indicated Udpix gave a short signal, then we exchanged fund. No profit is indicated because the long signal came from last year.
On Thursday we had also short signals in Unpix and Ujpix to be executed last friday. Finally on Friday we got short signals for Enpix and Uupix to be executed tomorrow Monday.

We have a new concern with this system, it appears that the relation betwen one fund and its inverse is not linear, that is if we got a short signal not necessarily we will have at the same time a long in the inverse fund.

We keep in parallel the Profunds system which shows the best trends for this week in Repix, Pmpix, Bmpix, Tcpix and a nice recovery in the mid cap funds.

Industry leader:

This week Xau.

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