Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week 3

IMS system.

Remains short QQQQ. This system has proved, to me, that it is very good at catching tops and bottoms. What I'm now looking for is to catch more swings between those signals. Currently I'm testing several ideas. Most of them are pointing to a long position right now. Below the "market mode" gave a long on 5th Jan, that it was confirmed in the trend chart on 11 th Jan, with the breakout of 44.31. To complicate matters, the trend tracker also indicated a change to long on 9 th Jan.
Again, the challenge is to integrate them in a better system, if you have several watches you never know the time. My guess is that if by Jan 18 we don't have a down move, the IMS will be joining the bull team.
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Profunds system.

With all that bullish activity last week, a lot of funds reverted their down movement. I like very much Inpix and Bipix among them. However, few days don't impress our consistency filter !. The only funds that pass are Hcpix, Tepix and the devious Smpix. I still have to decide if I'm going to open a long in Tepix or run the program again mid week.
Industry leader.

Again I have to find some time to study this system. It had a 52 weeks performance of 89% profit. The task here is to identify the vehicles that best represent the indexes that integrate the program.
This week the leader is ^IXFN : Nasdaq other finance group.


JIL said...

Yes Farooq, the IMS system is still short.

farooq said...

Very good work, Would you like to share which indicators carry the most weight in you work? Thanks for sharing your signal.

farooq said...

Thanks for sharing your system. Do you mind to tell us which indicators you give the most weight??

JIL said...

Farooq, there is not secrecy, I simply don´t use them because I have been unable to extrapolate the future with them. That simple.

My work has been more related with simple and medium math like price % changes, curve fitting and regresion (and a good deal of programming). Also tried "high" math like Fourier analysis, digital filters and neural networks but found nothing relevant in them so far.

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