Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Signal update

Forgot to mention, that the new Profunds pairs system requires a daily update of the program, therefore a switch of fund can be signaled any day. I will post only the signals that change. Want to insist that this is a beta testing. Remains to be seen if this is a worthwhile way to trade Profunds.

For the Ims system we have "finished" the integrated system which gave (back test) more signals and profits (2006=100 % instead of 65%). I will be posting only weekly the results of this system while I think the best way to post them on line, but of course all depends on the results of this "live" period. This systems works much better executing at the opening not at the end of the day.

Also want to insist that this blog is only for my personal trades and learning sake. If someone is reading this blog he or she must stick to whatever works for him/her.

Ok, having said all that, the Profunds pairs signals a switch from Udpix to Uwpix (bad news for the Dow??) to be executed today.

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