Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week 4

IMS system:

Remains short QQQQ.

Profunds system / pairs (new):

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The best trends are: Repix, Phpix, Bmpix and Hcpix. I will be opening a position with Bmpix tomorrow.

I will be dropping this system from the blog and replacing it with the Profunds pairs system. I believe this system will be given much more profits. The main idea is to stay always in the market for the selected funds as they seem to have a good volatility and fit my trend program: NqStocks ver1 build c. This program does not compare funds but it tries to identify trend reversals. However I am not that happy yet as I found that sometimes got whipsawed, which I hate, therefore I will be only posting the status of the system and will follow it paper trading. Maybe I will need to drop it off and put back the Profunds system. Here is the Profunds pairs:

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Industry Leader:

This week DJT.

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